Monday, June 9

Weekend Snapshot

For WS, see the random pics I've taken last weekend.

the goose and the ducks...our farm pets

our ducks have grown so fast...who wants one?

see how the mother hen protects her chicks...

rainbow on the sky

1st day

2nd day

3rd day- full bloom


ScroochChronicles said...

One of these days we'll come over to your house and see your farm pets. The hezzies would love that! Ganda naman ng rainbow pic :D

chateau aka imom said...

Oh yeah, the farm! Tagal nang nagungulit ang kids about it. Maybe next time... with the hezzies?? haha, another house raid!

I really envy your great outdoor spaces that your kids get to enjoy. it's healthy and lots of fun!

BTW, you're tagged my dear. :) I hope you can play along.

Heart of Rachel said...

It's great that you have all those nice farm animals. I love the all the photos especially the rainbow and the mother hen with her chicks. It's great how you captured the blooming stages of that lovely flower.

feng said...

sayang, di namin nabisita yung mga ducks in your backyard. hopefully, one of these days, makabisita ulit kami sa inyo.

Leah said...

Lovely photos!
Rainbows are so pretty! Its good to catch a photo when you can.

And the mother hen with the little chicks look so adorable.

julie said...

Galing, baby ducks and chicks, saya na mga kids niyan, kahit hikain pa sila :) Ducks sometimes, nanghahabol yan, nahabol na ba kayo? Hehehe.

lady cess said...

magtayo ka na ng bagong negosyo - rowena's petting zoo =)

Anonymous said...

I have heard so much of your awesome place. May farm/mini zoo pa pala to boot. Wow, you got plenty of space for the children to run around.

- annamanila

Sexy Mom said...

nowadays, hindi na yata alam ng bata ang duck from the goose! pati nga goat, ha ha ha

swerte ng mga anak mo.