Monday, November 24

Weekend Snapshots: November Random Pics

Before November ends, just want to post weekend random pics in my computer files. Am supposed to post our Subic trip recently, but since I lost my phone, gone were the pics too. Anyway, I wanted the pics below posted on this blog, my journal ,so my kids and I would remember these activities.

Halloween's Trick or Treatin' at Trinoma

Nicole just picked roses in our garden....

Pio posing at the lobby of TV5 before his audition


rhodora said...

How I miss those Halloween parties where my children as young tots would go to. Now, they are grown. Sigh.

So your son auditioned at TV5? Wow, that's something. :)

Mai.Mai said...

my boys enjoyed halloween so much that they still talk about it until now. pinaghahandaan nila ang halloween every year.

btw, i have move -

Rowena said...

Rhoda, yeah he auditioned. He's also scheduled to do some vtr with an ad agency. Hope he gets an ad soon, stage mother noh...

Mai, I've visited na your new home. Nice site you got there. Will be visiting often.

Anonymous said...

I hear you about random pics. I have a lot of those that I have yet to post.
At may artistahin ka palang anak! :D
Thanks for sharing!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Wenchie. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos of your kids. I'm sure the kids had fun trick or treating at the mall.

Nicole is a lovely girl. How did the audition go? Hope Pio enjoyed the experience.