Monday, July 7

Tips For A Perfect Wash

As some of you knows, I'm into the laundry business. I would like to share some tips to follow for a perfect wash.

1. Sort The Laundry. Separate garments depending on how soiled they are: very stained or not very stained. Wash white and pale garments separately from colored or dark garments. Zip all the zippers, button all the shirts/dress.

2. Read The Clothing Labels Carefully. To check the garment's maximum washing temperature and wash type (hand wash, machine wash or dry clean).

3. Select The Appropriate Wash Cycle And Temperature. The temperature, wash cycle and spin will vary according to the garment composition. Natural fabrics such as wool, linen and silk will shrink if washed at excessively high temperatures and will lose shape if spun or hung vertically. Artificial and synthetic fabrics are very sensitive to heat, and therefore must be washed in warm water and ironed out at a low temperature. Jeans must be washed inside out and never at more than 40C.

4. Add The Correct Amount Of Detergent. Adding too much detergent damages clothes, harms the environment and if the detergent does not dissolve correctly, clothes may become stained. Do not overload the washing machine: overloading may prevent the clothes from being properly washed.

5. Dry The Clothes. Spin drying and direct exposure to sunlight during drying tends to make clothes lumpy. After machine washing, it is a good idea to dry clothes immediately, as leaving laundry in the washing machine for an extended period may cause unpleasant odors and humidity in garments.

6. Iron The clothes. Start ironning at the lowest temperature. Iron the clothes slightly damp or inside out in case of dark colored clothes.


Heart of Rachel said...

Great tips Wenchie.

Have a wonderful week ahead. Take care!

exskindiver said...

kailangan ko ito wench.

rowena said...

Hi Rachel and Chesca, glad you both liked this post.

Annamanila said...

Ty for the tips .. will pass it on to those who handle the laundry in this place.

julie said...

These are good tips. Since we go to the cleaners for our clothes, I separate the clothes myself. One load for the whites, another for the colored tops and still another load for the colored leg clothes. I also zip and button already so we don't lose the buttons.

The girls in that shop one time even sew the butas on one of the kids shirt :D