Tuesday, July 15

Tagged: Kids Fave Stuffed Toys

Cookie tagged me to post my kids' fave toy, the one they always bring around. I can't find pics of my kids with their toys. See, no camera phones yet that time. I can only remember Nicole would always ask me to buy any teletubbies merchandise she sees on the mall, be it a stuffed toy, a bag, belt, shirts, shoes, costume, etc. I even bought the talking Po because she really thought the toy is alive. he he he. She eventually grew tired of her little friends, shifted to Winnie the Pooh, then to Barbie dolls and Barbie playsets. Now, Gabbie and Bea are enjoying their teddies, Piglet and Barbie dolls also.

Winnie the Pooh and Teletubbies, my kids' little playmates

Gabbie's fave stuffed toy- the Blue Teddy. She sleeps with it
in her bed and brings it to the car and even kisses teddy
before she goes to school.

Nicole's sleeping companion when she was only one year old.
The teletubbies, Dipsy and Tinky Winky. She still has Po
and Lala. They're all "sleeping" now in Nicole's old crib....

Bea's fave stuffed toy- Piglet


lady cess said...

naalala ko tuloy yung kwarto nila na punong-puno ng toys =D tago mo lang, para maipamana mo sa mga magiging apo mo, hehehe!

caryn said...

wow! that is a lot of stuffed toys! i remember my rituals of having to kiss each one good night before allowing my lolo to tuck me in. it used to drive him crazy!

evi said...

i gave up all my son's stuffed toys. he likes super hero figures now. malaki na kasi boy pa.

Sexy Mom said...

i guess stuffed toys bring comfort, my worry is just that they could cause allergies.

Analyse said...

you should take a picture of the kids with their fave toys. i'm sure they would love to know more about their childhood when they're older.

Heart of Rachel said...

Those are cute toys. Yohan still likes Winnie the Pooh until now. When I watched it on TV, I was surprised that Christopher Robin is out of the picture and replaced by a cute girl named Abby.

Annamanila said...

Omg. Stuffed toys can really be a problem ano. So bulky. And difficult to clean unlike plasic/vinyl. Di naman pwedeng i-retain ang plastic wrapping. :)

I still don't know what is Andeng's fave toy among the pile that is also quickly accumulating. I like to think that it is the toy piano i gave her for christmas. Pero from watching her, i think her fave is pages of Phil. Daily Inquirer that she loves to make punit.