Saturday, May 24

Things I Want My Kids To Live By....

Cookie tagged me to do this meme, things I want my kids to know and to remember before they grow up and see the real world.

-----If you don't have something nice to say, zip your mouth.

-----Don't ever let anyone put you down, wag magpapa-api.

-----Don't ever start a fight but don't run from one.

-----Respect begets respect.

-----Learn to save for the rainy season.

-----Do not be friends with liars and don't tell lies.

-----Learn to differentiate real friends from bad influences.

-----Don't do things just because everyone's doing it.

-----Share your blessings.

-----Try to do something good to a stranger.

-----Always thank the Lord for all the blessings you have.

I really like this meme, it really kept me thinking. To my mommy-blogger friends, please share your thoughts on this tag.


Heart of Rachel said...

Those are wonderful values and teachings. A great way to help them grow into good and kindhearted individuals.

Belle said...

Wenchie, puwedeng mahiram? i would like to pass it on to my children. thanks for sharing!

Rowena said...

Hi Rach, these are the very same teachings my parents taught me early on in life.

Hi Belle, sure, you can use them for your kids. Am happy you liked this post. My favorite (I got from my parents) is don't let anyone put you down and don't start a fight but don't run from one. Kaya siguro I grew up with such a strong personality...

Annamanila said...

Indeed, words to live by and to pass on to one's children, and to share with friends.

I have no doubt these are partly why you're living your life sweetly.