Wednesday, May 21

Allergies- -13 Ways to Feel Better

My kids have developed allergies mostly due to dairy products, fur or the unseen dusts mites around. Worse, these allergies trigger asthma attacks also. The worried mommy always makes sure there's always an antihistamine in our home. Though there are simple things to avoid the occurence of allergies. The following tips are designed to help reduce the discomfort caused by the most common allergies.

Avoid the culprit. The best way to reduce the discomfort of an allergy is to avoid exposure to the allergen as much as possible. Take all practical measures. If you are allergic to cats, avoid visiting homes of friends who own them or make the visit as short as possible. Avoid eating food (that you know you're allergic to) that would cause all those itch and hives in your body.

Rinse your eyes. If your eyes are itchy and irritated and you have no access to allergy medicine, rinsing your eyes with cool, clean water may help soothe them.

Try a warm washcloth. If sinus passage feels congested and painful, a washcloth soaked in warm water may make things flow a little easier. Place the washcloth over the nose and upper cheek area and relax for a few minutes.

Use saline solution. Irrigating the nose with saline solution may help soothe upper-respiratory allergies by removing irritants that become lodged in the nose, causing inflammation.

Wash your hair. If you've spent long hours outdoors during pollen season (abroad), wash your hair after you come inside to remove the pollen.

Take a shower. If you wake up in the middle of the night with a coughing, sneezing allergy attack, a hot shower may wash off any pollen residues or dusts you've collected in your body the whole day that you're out.

Wear sunglasses. It may help shield your eyes from airborne allergens.

Beware of the air. Air pollution may augment allergies and may actually induce people to have allergies. As much as possible, stay indoors.

Make your house a no-smoking zone. Don't allow smoking in your home. Tobacco smoke is a notorious irritant causing respiratory allergies.

Keep the windows shut. Closed windows keep unclean air and dusts from going inside the room.

Dust with a damp cloth. Avoid using feather dusters, instead use a damp cloth in cleaning.

Dehumidify. Dust mites grow very well in humid areas. Try investing in dehumidifier, air conditioner or an exhaust fan will do.

Bust the dust. Wash your beddings, clean your bedrooms at least every other day, avoid overstuffed furniture. Choose washable curtains. Don't use the bedroom as storage space and clean out your air-conditioners and heating ducts.

Source: The Home Remedies Handbook


Heart of Rachel said...

Thank you for sharing these great tips to combat allergy attacks.

Heart of Rachel said...

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Annamanila said...

This should be useful for my sensitive children although I myself is immune to anything and everything. :0

Wenchie said...

Hi AM, buti ka pa, ako daming allergies, am also allergic to some people, he he he....