Friday, May 16

Skin-Clearing Tips

The past few days I’ve been catching up on more readings. I was actually cleaning our book shelves and saw some books (gathering dusts) which I need to read especially the ones on health care. I would like to share some helpful tips I’ve read. This post is all about acne simple home treatments and helpful tips. I remembered my sister who had the same problem when she was in college. She also has oily skin and therefore more prone to acne, tried going to several dermatologists and spent quite a fortune. As she finished her pre-med course, she already knew a lot of stuff especially how to treat her stubborn pimples just by reading health books. All we need is to read, do research so we don’t have to pay so much or lessen visits to a dermatologist for our facial problems. Hope this post helps.


Do No harm – don’t pick, press, rub or manipulate those pimples. You risk spreading the bacteria and increasing the chances for scarring.

Use Benzoyl Peroxide – this helps break up the plug of dead skin cells, bacteria and oil in pores and cuts down on the bacteria as well. Start with the lowest concentration, and work your way up, especially if you have sensitive skin, because the higher concentration, the more irritating it may be. Use it once or twice a day. If it dries the skin too much, apply a moisturizer.

Go easy on your face. – Kids with oily skin use hot water, a washcloth, and a drying soap and think they can wash their acne away. Washing removes oils from the surface of the skin, not from within the plugged ducts. Wash properly, use a mild soap (Dove unscented, Tone or Neutrogena). Or use a soap with benzoyl peroxide for its drying properties. Rub lightly with your fingertips and warm water. Do not use a washcloth. Just pat it dry with clean face towel.

Don’t expoliate – that refers to removing the top layer of dead skin cells. Don’t use brushes, rough sponges, cleansers with granules or walnut hulls or anything else that would damage the delicate facial skin.

Watch out for oily products – that also goes for oily pomades on your hair, heavy oil-based moisturizers and even oily cleansers.

Use water-based makeup – opt for powder blushes and loose powders

Forego the facial – most people giving facials aren’t trained to treat acne-prone skin properly and may end up doing more harm than good.

Don’t rest your chin on your hands – try not to constantly touch your face.

Soak up the oil – some cosmetic companies make a paper product that can be pressed onto the skin to soak up oil.

Screen out the sun – too much sun can lead to skin cancer and premature aging. Protect the skin with sunscreen that has high protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher. Look for one that’s oil free.

Watch out what you eat – if you notice a correlation between something you eat and your face breaking out, avoid the offending food.