Monday, March 31

March PICS

Ms. Jasmin, este Beatrice (American Idol wannabe)

Gabbie joining in some games (b-day of friend's kid), March 14

Bea bumming around, doesn't want to join the games

the infinity-like pool (Ayala Hillside Estate's clubhouse)

another view of the pool

kids playing, enjoying the cold water on a hot day

I took this pic of my cousin Althea last March 15 an hour before getting married in Sta. Rosa, Laguna (got hitched at the age of 27, another late-bloomer, same as moi).

kids getting lootbags from the clown, Kalvin's (cousin's kid)1st b-day party celebration at the Red Barn, Fun Ranch-March 16

at the Fun Ranch

Pio took this pic on my b-day (March 18)


Heart of Rachel said...

Best wishes to your lovely cousin Althea.

How nice that the kids enjoyed several birthday parties. Lovely photos!

rowena said...

Thanks Rach. We are all so happy for her. Finally, after the long wait of finding the right man, the guy found her. And yes, the kids had so much fun attending parties.

julie said...

Wow, you were practically party-hopping, Wenchie.

best wishes to your cousin :)

exskindiver said...

hi wench.
belated happy birthday.

evi said...

belated happy birthday. your pictures paint a thousand words.

pls. join the parade. starting point will be from my blog.

rowena said...

Hi Julie, thanks for the warm wishes. Thea is such a kind, thoughtful and generous cousin. I'm glad she's happily married now.

Hi Chesca, how are you? Hope you're doin' ok. Sorry haven't visited you for quite a while. Been busy with the business and all the kiddie parties, he he...In fact, I've abandoned this blog na...just remembered me blog pala ako the other day...:-)

Hi Evi, thanks. Will hop over your site in awhile...Have a blessed week.

Anonymous said...

Nice celebration shots, Wench!

Methinks 27 is just about the right age for marrying.


Gypsy said...

Super belated happy bday! I love all these happy pics. :)

VerĂ£o said...

Hey wench! Lovely kids! However, I totally do not believe getting hitched at 27 is being a late bloomer! I think it's just right... if not young! I got married at 33!! Best wishes to Althea, and happy bday! - Pinky

Leah said...

Look like the kids are having fun. I have to plan a birthday party soon as well.

Your cousin looks lovely.

rowena said...

Hi Myrna, thanks, thanks...Feeling ko tuloy 27 lang ako, he he.

Thanks Gypsy. How are you? Hope you're doin' ok with your studies. My sis got back from her studies (in Kobe), for about a week and flew back to Japan to get her grades and enroll again...How I envy you guys...if only I'm still single I would probably avail of those scholarships abroad.

Hi Pinky, you're right 27 is not a late bloomer anymore. Kasi the oldest aunt is the family got married at 25 so we all thought getting married close to 30's is late na. I still have 2 sisters (39 & 37) who are still single though. Btw, thanks for the bday greetings.

Hi Leah, yeah they're havin' fun esp. this summer. Advance Happy Birthday.