Saturday, January 23

“Real Leaf Paparazzi”

Last December, we had our annual gift-giving project for the street children of Makati, Pasay and Manila. There are about 150 kids who participated. They danced with the mascot, ate merienda, joined our contest and before going home, we gave them goodies for their families as well. This is a yearly activity for our family, to give back and share what we have been blessed with. And my kids really enjoyed sharing their new toys with them.

After the activity, my family went to Rockwell to relax and have dinner. We went to Mongkok for their hot soup, mixed veggies and beef steak. When my kids have read the menu, they asked me for some money. And there, they all disappeared. It turned out they all went to Rustan's grocery and bought Real Leaf green tea for each of them because the resto is not serving one yet.

Of course, I have to take pics before they consume their favorite drinks. Now, our weekly grocery cart has lots of Real Leaf green tea, my fave is the one with lychee...Cheers!


HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

it has become my fave too