Wednesday, January 30

10 Random Things About Pio Miguel

I was tagged by Rachel to do this meme, a tag for my son Pio. We enjoyed doing this tag together. Here's what we've got:

Pio is an only son.

celebrated his first birthday (October 18, 2003) at home

the narra tree Pio planted on our farm.

Pio rides his bike every morning as his exercise.

likes to bum around bookstores

likes carbonara so much

He would like to be a professional car racer and a lawyer when he grows up.

Pio is homeschooling, currently enrolled at the Catholic Filipino Academy.

likes to pose for pictures

Pio is fond of riding cars at Timezone arcade


Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks Wenchie and Pio for doing this meme. I'm glad you enjoyed doing it.

I love the photos you shared. The tree that Pio planted must have grown bigger by now.

We have something in common, we both love carbonara.

I'm sure he is doing well in homeschooling. May he fulfill all his dreams.

lady cess said...

ang cute naman ni pio :)

rowena said...

Hi Rach, thanks so much for the tag. You bet that tree have grown bigger. Pio is always checking it out (back of our home). And last nite, we had carbonara again. My kids just love it. Pio will be graduating from pre-school this March. He still wants to continue on his home schooling.

Hi Cess, next time, bring Troi here at home para me kalaro si Pio ha...

Lynn said...

Looking for your weekend snapshot. Instead I found your little Pio here. Three things in common with my daugter - Timezone, posing in front of the camera and love for carbonara. :)

Wenchie said...

Hi Lynn, I was really gonna post some pics for the weekend snapshot but forgot it na, ha ha. I have 3 girls pa who like the same things, am sure they'll click with your kid.

SexyMom said...

Pio seems to be a contented and happy child--that is i am sure thanks to you and hubby. savor the moments, time flies so fast, soon he will be a growing lad.

rowena said...

Hi Dine, thanks. I was telling Pio that he can still sleep with us in our bed til he's 10 yrs. old. Humirit kagad, pwede daw til 18...he he...Mama's boy na talaga. Parang I don't him to grow up kagad...