Wednesday, September 19

The Right Study Habits for your Child

Mothers, now that your kids are back in school, get them started with the right study habits. Young children especially respond to order, pattern, and regularity. Follow these study tips for a month and see the improvement in your child’s studies.

Power Nap. Let your child “power nap” for 15 minutes after he or she comes home form school. This will provide him a restful break from school.

A Study Corner. Assign a place for him to study. Choose a quite corner in the house where he can concentrate. The bedroom is the worst place for a child to study. Because he associates the bedroom with sleeping, he will tend to fall asleep.

The Review and Read Ahead Method. Reviewing helps your child remember the earlier lesson better. Then assign 5-10 minutes for him to read up on the next day’s lesson. Even if he does not quite understand the topic, when the teacher goes through the lesson, he will be able to catch on easily because he will be quite familiar with it already.

Equal Time. As much as possible each subject should be given equal time to study. Divide his subjects into 20-minute intervals so that all the subjects are covered. Set the alarm clock so that you can alert him to change over to another subject matter. It is important that he studies all his subjects regularly to avoid cramming.

Television as a Reward. As much as possible, no TV during weekdays. Allow TV viewing on Friday and Saturday evenings. Use TV as a reward. Tape his favorite program so that he can watch it during the weekend as a reward. And as an added incentive, reward him with his favorite flavor of mom-approved Nestle Ice Cream.

Try these study suggestions, and help develop your child’s active mind to its fullest!

Source: Nestle Club website


jmb said...

Hi Rowena,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I see you have ipanema on your twitter as I do and heart of rachel, one of my fellow photo hunters on your mybloglog.
It's a small world in the blogosphere.

gwapasila said...

halo Rowena, thanks for the ur blog very neat and the colors are great in the eyes.

Hope to see u again soon on my blog.

noemi said...

Great advice. Based on your list, I agree to all of it. When the kids were still in Grade school, I gave a then a Junk Food night which was held every friday night. The kids didn't have objections to my guidelines.

lady ce ss said...

i would like my son to have a power nap, pero mahirap e. his class sched is from 12-4. in a couple of hours, dinner na, and later still, time for bed. ang hirap ng ganitong sked. a morning class is the best for preschoolers.

rowena said...

Hi JMB, thanks also for the visit. Yeah, it's indeed a small world.

Hi Lutchi, thanks also for dropping by. Will come back to your site for sure. It was nice knowing you...

Hi Noemi, with me naman, after they have studied I let them have some chips or ice cream, para ganahan uli, he he.

Hi Cess, hirap nga pang afternoon session. Next year, homeschool mo na rin sya....I'll help you. :-)

Joni said...

Hi Rowena! Thanks for visiting my blog! :) Saint Padre Pio? That's the first time I've heard of him. I didn't know my dad and lolo were named after a saint. Cool!

I can't really relate to your post yet, but these are great tips. ;) Your kids are so cute! Especially the one on the right with the pink blouse. Hehe

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Rowena. Great advices. I also believe that power naps are important to give our children time to rest and replenish their energy.

Yohan sometimes fall asleep in the school service on our way home but as much as possible, I'd like him to have a longer nap when we get home.

For now, I'm gradually limiting his TV time during school days. I also make sure he goes to bed early so he won't have a hard time waking up in the morning.

Annamanila said...

These should be very useful to all young moms. The review and get ahead item -- that's very important if we want our kids to excel.

rowena said...

Hi Joni, Saint Padre Pio was a newly canonized saint. When he was still alive, he was seen to have stigmata (the wounds which Jesus had before his crucifixion). He was believed to have performed miracles too before he died. Btw, I'll post some things for the single ladies soon....Today, Sunday, is Padre Pio's feast day. Make a wish na.

Hi Rachel, yeah we really need to give them time for naps. A classmate of my kid was sent to the principal's office because he's always sleeping during class. Poor boy...Good for Yohan, he can still have naps after school.

Hi Myrna, that's what I've been doing to my kids, letting them review in advance the lessons which the teacher hasn't taught yet. So they'll be ready when they go to class the next day.

JO said...

great tips. thanks for sharing.