Saturday, October 2

Looking For A Webhost...

Any newbie with a goal of setting up his own website knows that if you don’t have an IT background and not too technology savy, everything about this daunting goal is like trying to understand a foreign language.  But you absolutely have to put up that website, it is absolutely essential for your business.  So you go to the experts to solve your website construction and hosting problem.  Just when you think all your problems are solved you experience crappy service after initial construction and paying them for the job. 

I went online to survey the most frequent web hosting problems encountered by others like me and found out that I am not alone.  Most people complain about crappy customer service after hiring a web hosting company.  Decided to research some more and typed the words web host  To my delight, I see what I'm looking for instantly.   

Like an answered prayer, I find out that  have what I was looking for. Entrepreneurs (small and medium business owners as well) like me should really read and check their offer and most importantly they have a great reputation on customer service.

Almost anyone can do website management nowadays but how many of those actually have great “after sales” service? I think I’m going to try it out for myself to know they their name translates to their superb service.