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What's New with Sunsilk...

Sunsilk makes expert-touched hair accessible to Filipinas

Fact: Not everyone can afford expert haircare found at high-end salons.

Fact: Everyone wants pretty, healthy hair. Solution: Salon-quality products for every girl, whoever she is, wherever she lives, whatever her hair type created by internationally renowned hair experts.

Sunsilk believes that the secrets to beautiful hair shouldn’t be locked behind the salon door. Expert haircare is no longer limited to people with cash to burn and time to spend.

A new line of products pioneered by Sunsilk is taking the high price out of the formula and offering a democratic approach to world-class hair.

In their quest to unlock the secrets to specific hair types, they searched for specialist hair experts: the world’s best at what they do, be it straight, sleekness, hairfall or damage control. Experts who are not only superlative hair professionals, hairdressers or clinicians, but obsessive industry pioneers who don’t sleep until their clients have perfect hair. They are dedicated to the creation of the world’s best haircare products; prolonging color vibrancy, embracing well-defined curls, creating brilliant shine and repairing damage to create perfectly smooth and healthier hair. They love, live and feel for that particular hair type: the kind of perfectionism you want to bottle. They have turned obsession into a life ambition.

“Through this unique way of working, Sunsilk brings to millions what was previously available only to the privileged few frequenting the world’s most exclusive salons: international hair expertise and perfectionism in every bottle,” says Dean Aragon, global VP of Sunsilk. “Sunsilk aims to provide access to international hair professionals to every girl around the world so she can create salon-quality looks at home. And this is just the beginning. We’re just at the start of an exciting co-creation journey.”

Having tapped the world’s best, the company worked on teaming up to create new formulations to solve haircare issues troubling every woman around the globe. Meet the experts who made it possible.

Teddy Charles

The look: The shape and lengths expert, he embodies Big Hair, creating the signature windswept mane made popular by celebs like Blake Lively. His work combines a flare for contemporary femininity and glamour with an edgy bohemian sensibility. “To this day, long and abundant hair continues to be the timeless symbol of feminine beauty,” he says. For Asian hair, particularly the Filipina’s, he notes how it is straighter, stronger and heavier. “Most Filipino women want longer hair, and the key is to nourish it so it remains stronger as it grows longer,” he says.

The clients: He’s worked with celebrities Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively and Hayden Panettiere — as well as behind the scenes with photographers like Mario Testino, Patrick Demarchelier, Glen Luchford, Mikael Jansson and Karl Lagerfield, magazines such as French, Italian, American and Teen Vogue, i-D, V, Numero and Vogue Nippon.

Tom Taw

The look: The cutting-edge stylist is obsessive in his passion for repairing damaged hair — usually caused by too much styling, too many products and intense heat — and is the trusted hair dresser to repair the damaged locks of world-famous musicians, models and actors. Having begun his calling at the age of 15 at the local salon, Tom Taw cemented his career after training under major hair figures as well as high-profile Italian hairdressers. After a stint as senior creative director at Aveda, Tom is no stranger to creating impressive and inspirational looks.

The clients: He not only designs for fashion shows, but also speaks at educational seminars. He opened his Soho salon, BobSoho, in 2007 where he concentrates on enhancing the natural beauty of hair. The work of his creative team regularly appears in the pages of fashion bibles Vogue and Elle and he is fast becoming a hit with the stars.

Yuko Yamashita

The look: As a young Japanese stylist, Yuko met countless women who were unhappy with their hair. “For my entire life, I have wanted to help girls get healthy, straight hair,” shares Yamashita. The most common complaint was unruly hair that had to be constantly styled every morning and the mere suggestion of rain would make it frizzy and uncontrollable. Yuko wanted her customers including many celebrities to have beautiful, straight and healthy hair without spending hours getting it that way, so she created Yuko Hair Straightening, which has been taking the world by storm for over 10 years.

The clients: Having been lauded by industry bibles Celebrity Hair Style and American Salon magazines in the US, as well as Shape magazine, Yamashita’s Yuko Hair Straightening, created in Japan in 1996, has been making people’s lives easier when it comes to haircare.

 Francesca Fusco, MD

The look: Francesca Fusco believes a woman’s hair is her crowning glory, and is dedicated to giving every girl the best head start possible to getting glorious hair through care for the scalp. A world-leading expert in dermatology and scalp care, Dr. Fusco graduated from New York Medical College. Her approach is based on the philosophy that with early intervention, patients can avoid invasive treatments. Francesca urges people to recognize the delicate nature of scalp; as an extension of the skin on your face.

The clients: As an expert dermatology resource for the television media community, she has appeared on CNN, Eyewitness News, CBS News, Inside Edition and Fox News 5. Alongside TV, her medical advice appears regularly in magazines and newspapers such as The New York Times (voted Best Doctors 2008, 2009), Elle (Beauty Genius Award), Women’s Health (consultant on advisory board), Cosmopolitan, More Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, Marie Claire, Shape, Health, Real Simple, Web MD, InStyle, Allure, Glamour, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, Chicago Tribune and the New York Daily News.

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