Wednesday, January 28

I'm Back...

I know, I know I've neglected my blog for quite some time now. I only posted my idol's (President Barack Obama) inaugural address for I don't want to forget this historic event. Even told my kids that they can read my blog ten or twenty years from now, the speech would be here forever.

Anyway, since I wasn't able to post any year-ender entry here, just want to state that I'm thankful for the year 2008, we have a good business (opened the 2nd branch of our laundry shop, got into the Reliv Wellness business, plus the seafood biz), family's good health, my kids excelled in school and we were able to take trips out of town with my family. My fave leader/politician won the United States presidential elections. Not to forget, my kids experienced to go caroling before Christmas. They had so much fun, I even accompanied them (stayed in the car though while they hop from one house to another). Most of all, I've also met wonderful friends through blogging and blogging events.

Another memorable event I don't want to forget, last Monday, January 26, my eight year-old kid, Gabbie, had her 1st Confession. She told me that their CLE teacher asked them to write their "sins" on a piece of paper so they won't forget it when they talk to the priest. She even shared to me that she heard her classmate's confession on the other side of the confessional box. Gabbie said, "I heard her say she cheated on our Filipino quiz..., yes Mama she really cheated because I'm the one who checked her paper, she changed her score." Oh my...then she continued on, I tell you this girl won't stop talking the moment she opens her mouth. My kid told me that she confided to the priest that she's been fighting with her siblings. And for her penance, she was asked to pray the Act of Contrition and Our Father. She's quite happy about her experience. Tomorrow will be her 1st Communion. I've bought her a new pair of white shoes and white stockings. They'll have the general rehearsal today. I've already contacted a professional photographer to cover the event.

My son Pio, on the other hand, would occasionally throw tantrums in the morning. He would give excuses not to go to school such as he's tired of studying, he's still sleepy, he needs a new bag, he has an unfinished project (which I eventually did), he doesn't want to take a bath, etc... He's asking me to enroll him back to home schooling this June. And I'm really considering it again for my only son.

My eldest, Nicole would be graduating from grade school this March. She took the entrance exams at the Philippine Science High School and Quezon City Science High. And she will also try the other private Catholic schools near our place. She's really growing so fast (I think she'll grow taller than me). She's into music now, uploading songs in her mp3 and sleeping with the earphones on, still watches the Disney Channel shows though, a fan of the Twilight movie, she blogs, has Friendster account and joined Plurk too. And soon I think she's gonna try Facebook.

While my youngest cutie Beatrice is home schooling with the Catholic Filipino Academy. We had finished 3 subjects last month, we're doing the last four subjects. Then, off I go to submit all her grades. Home schooling is really heaven-sent.

What else...hmm. Will just post another entry on my take in our country's latest issues (which is not so good). That's all for now.


julie said...

Oh, wawa naman si Pio :) Good to know that the kids are doing well :) See you later!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Wenchie. I haven't been spending a lot of time on my blog too. I'm trying my best to catch up.

It's great to know that all your business projects are doing great. Keep it up!

It's nice to know about the kids' recent milestones.