Tuesday, February 5

Weekend Snapshot

I was going to post for the weekend snapshot when my kid called me and asked for help on her homework. I thought my entry was posted but it remained on my draft folder. So here it is, my choice of pics eventhough it's late again, am posting just the same.


the older ones

newly-hatched ducklings

the protective mother

bonding time


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Wenchie. Yohan would be delighted to see those cute ducklings.

rowena said...

Hi Rach, and I'll be happy to show you guys around the farm, it's just at the back of our QC home.

Lynn said...

Better late than never. My daughter's with me while browsing. Natuwa s'ya sa second picture.

Wenchie, I tagged you about movies. :)

genny said...

Oh that is very nice duckling... Something for you in my blog

Gypsy said...

Cute duckies! Hmm...are they er..pets or for roasting? If they are for the latter--I hope your kids havent given them names...;) Happy Chinese NY, by the way.

lady cess said...

wow, bago template :)
uy, ok yan, you have ducks at home. my children have to go to a zoo to see ducks :(

SexyMom said...

nice ones! unfortunately our little uns do not have the chance to see these ducklings anymore. when i look at the, reminds me--parang ako at mga anak ko (lol)

Christina said...

Nakakatuwa naman ang mga sisiw na ito! :) Ang cute!! And somehow, I am touched kasi maski mga manok ay may maternal instincts din :)