Tuesday, May 29


Today as I was watching the live telecast of Ms. Universe Pageant in my room, I remembered my childhood dream to be a beauty queen. I would wear a robe, put a crown and strut around the house waving to my sisters and mom. They would laugh at me. But am not destined to be one because I only grew up to 5 feet. To my mom and dad's disappointment...

I get to meet beauty queens though in college at the University of Santo Tomas. Three of them became my classmates. One was even in my circle of friends, who eventually became ninang to my first born, Nicole. She is Jenette Fernando (former Ms. Cosmetics, former Ms. Avon, Binibining Pilipinas Ms. Tourism). Jenette joined beauty contest one after the another. She always won. Her beauty is perfect (even without make-up), she stands 5'4 , has flawless skin and she's smart. She is really a good student, I know, she's also my seatmate for 3 years in college. Suitors are all over the building. Sometimes, we would hide her from the persistent d.o.m guy (who uses different car every time he would visit in our university). People can't help stare at her beauty, even in jeepneys (yes, we commute back then). We even wade through the flooded Dapitan Street on rainy days. Cowboy, noh? After college, she entered show business. Worked with a lot of stars like Rudy Fernandez, Bong Revilla and even Dolphy. She joined GMA Supershow as one of the hosts. I would hear from her from time to time. Get to read the latest about her in the newspaper. When I gave birth, asked her to be ninang to Nicole. Of course, she was there with her ever loving mom. Every year, every birthday, she was there. Eventually, she got married and had kids, I am also ninang to her only son.

Segue to the recent pageant, I also saw the Binibining Pilipinas contestants way back during the senatorial campaign of Sen. Mar Roxas. We were using the Expo Centro place as campaign headquarters, the contestants would use our bathroom during their rehearsals. And to my surprise, I saw them using foundation make up on their butts, legs and even on their armpits. No wonder they look flawless during the pageant, he he. All of them were wearing nice clothes and using shoes with high heels. I even overheard them saying they were not eating rice and meat weeks before the contest. And I bet some of those ladies took up short courses at Speechpower or John Robert Powers to get ready for the prestigious event.

Back to my topic, Ms. Japan won as I was doing this post. My bet was Ms. Venezuela or Ms. Brazil...Ive watched the preliminary activities, all the girls seemed to be enjoying their time in Mexico City. Why not, it's one in a lifetime experience. The most anticipated beauty contest is over. Wait til next year girls- Ms. Universe wannabes....

Monday, May 28


When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When the road you've trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit-
Rest if you must, but don't you quit.

Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As every one of us sometimes learns,
And many a fellow turns about
When he might have won had he stuck it out.
Don't give up though the pace seems slow-
You may succeed with another blow.

Often the goal is nearer than
It seems to a faint and faltering man;
Often the struggler has given up
When he might have captured the victor's cup;
And he learned too late when the nights came down,
How close he was to the golden crown.

Success is failure turned inside out-
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems afar;
So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit,
It's when things seem worst that you mustn't quit.

*Author Unknown

A Burning Warning...

I have a very stubborn neighbor, who always burn their discards such as old notebooks, dirty rags, diapers, food wrappers, milk cartons, cans, plastic bags, old tires and even fallen leaves.

Came upon an article in The Philippine Star, have it printed. I gave it to my neighbor this morning. I really cannot stand the smoke from the burning trash plus the fact that all my kids have asthma. Don't want them to get sick again.

Here's the edited article-

A burning warning: Don’t play with fire
The Philippine Star

"Don’t play with fire. Burning trash is dangerous to public health and the environment." EcoWaste joins the Bureau of Fire Protection in raising public awareness and action to prevent fires. The environmental group particularly draws attention to the hazards of open burning and the availability of ecological alternatives to burning trash, according to Rei Panaligan, EcoWaste Coalition coordinator. Open burning (when was the last time you burned garbage and assorted leaves in your backyard?) remains a serious public health and environmental threat in both urban and rural communities, despite the fact that it is outlawed by Republic Act 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000.

According to EcoWaste, open burning goes unchecked in dumpsites, farmlands, backyards, and even in street parks. You may not know it but the deliberate or spontaneous burning of discards is a "silent killer," discharging minuscule pollutants that can trigger headaches; irritate the eyes, throat, and skin; impair respiratory functions; and even cause cancers. Some of the toxins discharged from burning commonly discarded household items were identified by the EcoWaste Coalition. Burning plastics and chlorinated papers, for instance, releases dioxins, halogenated carbons, and volatile organic compounds. Burning batteries discharges heavy metals like cadmium, lead, and mercury, while burning leaves emits hazardous carbon monoxide and benzopyrene.

There are at least five good reasons why the public should not burn their discards. The waste and pollution campaign network enumerates them, as follows: 1. Open burning is unlawful. R.A. 9003 prohibits the open burning of waste and requires the ecological management of discards that will not harm the environment. Violators can be fined from P300 to P1,000, or imprisoned from one to 15 days, or both. Republic Act 8749 or the Clean Air Act of 1999 likewise bans and penalizes the incineration of municipal, biomedical, and hazardous wastes. 2. Open burning is toxic. Burning trash releases a cocktail of toxic chemicals, some of which are targeted for global elimination under the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) such as dioxins and furans. Burning plastics can be very problematic, with PVC plastic specifically contributing to high emissions of dioxin, a proven human carcinogen according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer. By-product smoke, filth, and ash from open burning are known to contain particulate matters and harmful substances. 3. Open burning pollutes the food supply. Dioxins and other chemicals released when trash is burned are deposited on leafy plants that are eaten by farm animals and ingested by fish. Studies show that dioxin accumulates in fatty tissue and is passed to humans through our consumption of dairy products, eggs, meat, and fish. 4. Open burning wastes resources. By setting discards ablaze, we squander valuable resources that could have been repaired, reused, recycled or composted. Fallen leaves and yard trimmings, for instance, could be turned into compost to nourish depleted soils. 5. Open burning causes fires. Open burning can cause residential, forest and brush fires, especially during the scorching summer days.

And here are 10 alternatives to the harmful practice of burning trash, as prescribed by EcoWaste, which emphasizes the need to consume responsibly, waste less, and recycle even more. • Reduce your waste, prevent noxious odors, and keep flies, roaches, and rodents under control by not mixing discards. • Reuse and recycle non-biodegradable discards such as papers, bottles, and cans as many times as you can. • Turn your biodegradable discards, such as kitchen and garden trimmings, into compost that can enhance soil fertility and health. • Use second-hand, repaired, and recycled products whenever available. • Check for things that can be repaired or reused before deciding to purchase new ones. • Bring bayong or other reusable carry bags when you shop; refuse plastic bags. • Reduce unnecessary packaging by buying in bulk or choosing items with the least packaging. • Avoid throw-away items. Choose products that can be washed, stored, and used again. • Repair rather than throw or replace broken things. • Give away unwanted stuff to neighbors or charities (what’s your favorite charity?) instead of putting them into the waste bins. Finally, this eco-friendly reminder from EcoWaste that comes like a breath of fresh air in the middle of a hot summer day: "For healthier neighborhoods, let us not litter, burn or dump our trash. Let us rekindle the bayanihan (communal spirit) to build Zero Waste communities."

How to Gain Weight

When I was young, my mom would be bring me to our pedia and she would make kulit on how can we (plus my 3 siblings) gain weight. She would give us appetite stimulant, prescribed by the doctor. We eat a lot, veggies, meat, chicken, fruits...We are not picky. We drink Sustagen every night. The doctor even prescribed heraclene to be mixed with our milk. But to my mom's disappointment, we didn't gain weight or the weight she wanted. Maybe we were just built this way. I'm forever 99 lbs., he he.

During my fourth and last pregnancy (4th cs), my weight is not so desirable to my ob-gyne's standard. So she prescribed foods/drinks to gain more weight.

Here's the list:

sweet corn on the cob

mashed potato or french fries


quail eggs or boiled eggs

more rice, rice cakes (kakanin)

fresh ripe mangoes

cakes/ pastries

ice cream


avocado shakes or the fresh fruit itself

fried chicken

burgers/ steaks

hot or cold milk

In no time, I gained so much weight...but then again, my baby is only 6.3 lbs.

My Wonderful Kids

Angelica Beatrice (3 yrs. old)
playing Santa last Christmas

Aurora Nicole (10) & Cristina Gabrielle (6)
(pic taken at the podium)

my little angel Bea
posing around

Pio Miguel (4 yrs. old)
waiting for the Jollibee party

When I got pregnant to my first baby (Nicole), I made sure to follow all the doctor's advise, the do's and dont's. Ate so much vegetables and fruits especially watermelon. I remembered my Psychology professor's story that every time she would ask mothers of gifted students she had encountered what are the foods they ate during their pregnancy, the answer would always be watermelon. She then, told us when the time comes for us ladies in her class, we should eat lots of watermelon. So I did. Would go to San Andres market or at the fruit store in the old Greenbelt and there, I would buy watermelon at P120-130 each. That was in 1996. I ate siopao, halo-halo, chicken, seafoods, meat, countless cups of rice except the milk, which tasted different. Gave birth on 1997 to a healthy baby girl. Nicole is quite a smart kid. She would watch an entire cartoon movie for 1-2 hours. Attention span is long for her age (at 2 years old). When she turned 3, she can sing a whole song, knows all the colors and shapes, the alphabet, numbers 1-50. At 4, she started using the cellphone, forwarding messages to my sisters and calling them if she wants to go to Timezone. She entered pre-school at 4 years old, skipped Prep, went straight to grade 1 at 6 years old. In Montessori school, she is considered advanced for her age, the way she thinks, talks and behaves.

My second child exhibited some characteristics like Nicole's. She has mood swings though. Gabbie went to pre-school at 3 years old, skipped prep, went to grade 1 at 5 years old. She paints well also. But the advent of computers and more Disney shows on tv, reading is not such an enjoyable thing for her to do. I am still encouraging her to read more. She dreams to be a Rachel Ray daw (is she one?) or Wolfgang Puck, her favorite show aside from the cartoons.

Only son Pio Miguel is an average joe. He likes cars, he knows the brand, the make, the model. And he would tell you if a car is brand new or second hand. Driving the car fascinates him no end. He likes to learn new things like using the computer (at age 3), doing the powerpoint thing (which I don't even know), fiddling with his old broken toys (trying to repair them), planting trees (with his papa), choosing the groceries to buy at the store (even reminding me what's missing in the kitchen), planning his get-up before going to the mall/parties/church. Pio had memorized all the senatorial candidates and would ask me who are the corrupt ones. Came election day, he knew whom I've voted. I hope he grows up as a responsible adult. He dreams of becoming a doctor, sometimes a lawyer (so he can have lots of cars daw), or a priest (para la daw fixed time to go to the office), or a professional boxer (he's eyeing Pacquio's porsche)...

My little angel, Bea is now 3 years old. She never stopped talking the minute she wakes up. Maybe she can be a newscaster (one of my dreams before, ha ha) someday. Would always participate to discussions or would even tell stories. She likes Dora the Explorer a lot, Backyardigans, Baby Looney Tunes, Hi-Five, Lazy Town. She sometimes talks like them.

My four wonderful kids, my treasures....And I really thanked God for them.

Sunday, May 27

I Love Watching Movies

Way back in college, my good friend Alona was my movie buddy. We would always go to SM City (North Edsa) after our morning classes in UST ends. During our 1st and 2nd year, we have half day classes. Classes usually end at 12 noon. Off we go straight to the mall (that's the one nearest), eat our lunch and watch a movie. I think we were able to watch a movie thrice a week. I was enjoying this schedule, I even narrated to my mom the movies we've watched. She didn't object my doing so, she knows I'll be taking up Communication Arts as my major in college and venture on film making or advertising later on.

I cannot count how many movies I've watched. Some are real or true to life movies, intellectually scripted while some are considered trash (mostly Pinoy produced movies). Wondering why Pinoy directors and producers did not get new ideas for their stories back then and until now....Why can't we have movies like The Godfather, Big, Sleepless in Seattle, Pretty Woman, Ransom, The Rock, My Bestfriend's Wedding, Troy, Gladiator, Catch Me If You Can, Ocean's Eleven, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Sabrina, Moulin Rouge, Evita, A Walk to Remember, The Passion of Christ, and many more real good movies....

How I wished more producers (including writers, directors) would make good quality movies that we can all be proud of. When the right time comes, I wish (and dream) I can also make even an indie movie.

Saturday, May 26

"Meet the Parents"

When I was in 6th grade, a classmate of mine was sending me letters. After reading them, threw it all away. I was so mad. Having relationships at a very young age is a far, far thing from my mind. Same thing happened in high school. Another classmate gave me chocolates which I gave to my sisters. Letters are all over but I couldn't afford to keep them for if my dad finds out, I'll be grounded. They would call me in the house but my ever protective dad would tell them, I'm sleeping or doing something...In college, I avoided any talks of courtship. I was really scared of my dad who commanded early on that we shouldn't have a boyfriend until we finish college. And so I thought...I can only have crushes. Fair enough huh? After college, I found the real world and met guys of all colors (shapes & sizes too)...Meeting my parents was such an agony for them, as I can remember.

To the guys out there who are planning to meet the parents of their girlfriends (be it a serious relationship or just for fun-thing), I got this from a Philippine Star column with the same title written by Celine Lopez-Lilles.

Here are a few survival tips for you guys out there when you meet the parents: Take note. Would you go to a job interview for IBM without knowing what IBM stands for? (No, it isn’t International Babe Market.) You should have the same attitude regarding meeting your girlfriend’s parents; it may seem ruthless, but you need to do some research. Ask your girlfriend what you should know about her parents and family: what line of work they’re in, what their preferences are, their hobbies, political leanings, religious practices, etc. Don’t chastise the government without first asking whether her father is a politician or not. Don’t go slamming jueteng, unless you’re certain that her father is not a jueteng lord. Otherwise, yours could be the next body found floating in the Pasig River. Don’t oversell yourself. Of course you want her parents to realize what a good catch you are, but you shouldn’t go overboard. Don’t talk about yourself unless you are asked. Your aim should be to get along with both parents and get on their good side.

But here’s a little secret: her mother can be your most powerful ally if you play your cards right. Bring something. Nothing fancy, which will trumpet that you are indeed trying to buy their affection. Bring a token gift like a bottle of wine, a box of candy, a small bouquet of flowers, a fruit basket. Be imaginative. Polish your small-talk skills. Don’t sit there and make like a tree — contribute something to the conversation, and I don’t mean the occasional "Uh-huh."

Read up and stay informed a few weeks before D-day. Look for common ground you can share with either parent, such as similar hobbies and interests, a love for the same sports team, a passion for dogs, and work from there. Suggested topics: your job; your family; sports; movies (recent or old, and all G-rated); pets (if they own any); a current newsworthy tidbit. Stay away from: jokes (until you’re familiar with their sense of humor); politics; personal questions (like "Where did you buy your toupee?"); religion; money or income.

Get on Mom’s good side. Flatter her looks or her clothing. Be sparing, though: there’s a fine line between charming and obnoxious. Compliment her on her dress and always underestimate her age by seven to 10 years if she is at all like me and asks you how old you think she is (don’t exaggerate or she could take it as sarcasm). Make sure to eat as much as you can; at least finish what’s on your plate. Compliment her on her cooking. If you don’t, she’s sure to hand you the bill as soon as you’re done. I know I would!

Get on Dad’s good side. Talk about sports or cars; these are usually safe topics between men. If his interests are something you wouldn’t be caught dabbling in, like stamp collecting or hotel matchbook collecting, at least show some interest in his passion. If he shows you his extensive gun collection and starts polishing his favorite pistol with the muzzle aiming straight at you, stay cool. Fetch that can of WD-40 and that piece of chamois from your car. Hand it to him and say, "Sir, these might help." Let him talk about anything he wants and seem truly interested. It might be torture for you, but if your girlfriend is truly gorgeous and worth it, grin and bear it!

May 14 Elections

This is a bit late, I'll post just the same.

I woke up early so with my kids. After a heavy breakfast, dressed up and "flew" to Pasay. Imagine an almost empty Edsa, I drove from our home here in Quezon City to Pasay in about 20 minutes. It was 2 hours before voting ends at 3pm. My sister and I found our precinct easily, went inside and voted. Since I'm not really active now in Pasay politics, I just voted all female candidates running for the council. I can't say though whom I voted for mayor, vice mayor and representative because I knew/met most of them vying for the position when I was still doing consultancy work for the city government way back...

My senatorial list (as I've prepared the night before) includes Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, Noynoy Aquino, Chiz Escudero, Edgardo Angara, Loren Legarda, Allan Cayetano, Joker Arroyo, Miguel Zubiri, Antonio Trillanes, Manny Villar, Ping Lacson, and Dr. Martin Bautista (Kapatiran).

My eldest sister isn't happy, her name wasn't on the list. We looked for any Comelec employee in the school. No one was there. We decided to go to the city hall where the comelec officers hold office. Even on their computer files, her name wasn't there. We are so frustrated. The comelec officer (a young lawyer) was of no help either. She even told us that she's new on the job, not less than 30 days daw. My gosh, what an excuse...She cut us pa while I'm trying to say something. She said this is more important than your case (pointing to her cellphone). I heard her say, "the Deped Asec. issued a memo that all Cayetano votes will be considered stray votes". It's actually in her desk (the memo). I wondered how the memo got to her on a holiday. But she changed her statements, telling her caller (the Pasay School Superintendent, I assumed) to just tell the teachers to do what they want with the Cayetano votes. Confusing noh? We stood up infront of this lady-lawyer and she remarked we can't do anything about your problem, it's already 3pm, it'''s moot and academic. I shot back, "kung di pa 3pm me magagawa ka ba". She answered none daw, "it's up to the Comelec main office to answer for the missing voters' names on the list". It's really useless to argue with her...I wonder how she passed the bar exams, tsk..tsk.

Anyway, we just went to the Mall of Asia and ate Tropical Hut's halo-halo and Colette's buko pie (bought at Hypermart) at the foodcourt. We also had some picture-taking with my kids at the skating rink (this is not our 1st time in the mall). My mom's house is very near the mall that's why my kids are always tagging along whenever I have meetings in the area. We had a great time this election day...I was able to exercise my right to vote and my choices are winning in the on-going canvassing (except for one, deserving though).

Friday, May 25

Jollibee Party

hi guys. this is my first post. am kinda scared because i don't know if i can write as good as the others. been reading almost all pinay bloggers the past two months.

let me start here. today my kids and i attended a childrens party at jollibee. i told my kids to eat lunch early and get ready for the party. the invite says 1 pm. we bought a gift from the nearby store. my son pio miguel is insisting that i should buy him one also. i have to tell him that we are attending a party, that for sure, they're going to get more new toys from the games.

true enough, during the first game ("the boat is sinking"), my 3 kids were the last ones left together with the jollibee mascot. they were given toys as prizes. the parents of the celebrant (my hubby's childhood friend) were laughing, naghakot daw prizes mga anak ko...he he.

after the kids' games, parents were called to participate to another game. of course i joined. we didn't win though. mommies competed with daddies. the guys are much faster that us.

the jollibee mascot danced, joined the games, opened gifts with the celebrant, really partied with the kids. am surprised to see that, in my previous party experience, the mascot just danced and posed for picture-taking. hayun, my only son asked me if he can have a jollibee party come october...have to save for that son...